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In the recent years, anti-corrosion of steel structure has been paid more and more attention to the public. We all know that steel structure or steel as long as by moist atmosphere or pollute the environment impact that will suffer double corrosion, the final powder and end use life. Therefore, the steel structure in the coating process, the primary consideration is the construction conditions that ensure that the construction environment specification. Steel structure is used more and more in building structures, many large-scale exhibition centers, stadiums, airport terminal building, television tower adopts steel structure as a main structure form.

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To ensure the integrity of steel structure building, steel structures show the artistic appeal, with heavy anti-corrosion coating protection method is economical and feasible, can achieve more than 15a service life. If the metal heat dual protection coating and anticorrosive paint, it can achieve more than 25a service life.

Steel is an important structural material in modern architecture, for its high strength, stable performance, good toughness, easy processing and manufacture, and is suitable for mass production, and easy quality control, quick installation. In the coating of steel structure design, not only to consider the life of heavy corrosion resistant coatings for long, while also taking into account environmental protection.The heavy anticorrosive coatings for steel structure to reflect the best combination of performance, aesthetic and environmental protection.

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