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The most important thing is to choose a regular steel structure manufacturer. You can from several aspects to learn about company. Firstly, to understand the enterprise qualification (business license. The registered capital, construction qualification) ,product qualification, enterprise certification and so on. Secondly, company should have ability to operate independently. General speaking, steel structure manufacturers to provide design, of course, can also be in accordance with the plan of the construction of the customer to develop, put forward reasonable suggestions in the construction process.

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Mainly look at the company's engineering example, whether there are similarities between their pre construction project and engineering example, if there are similarities, and the rest of the project to undertake would be handy. To see its hardware conditions, comprehensive strength is often a manufacturer of hardware facilities can objectively reflect the manufacturers, such as factory buildings. The company was established, requirements, equipment advanced degree personnel technology, good external condition is the main factor to help the successful. Pay attention to the word. Word of mouth marketing steel structure in the industry is also very important, the same industry competitors reputation, which are all factors seriously reference.

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