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Low industry concentration has led to an overcapacity problem in the bathroom industry. The main problems are as follows: unreasonable product structure, low middle-end products, low-end products, and poor product quality compared with developed countries Consumption, low emissions, high value-added products have not yet become the main body.

There are also major problems in the development of the sanitary ware industry. Insufficient technological innovation capability, the output value of the strategic emerging industries accounts for only 10% of the total industry, and its hot tub factory development is slow. The lack of informatization innovation leads to the low level of informatization of small and micro enterprises. Large, lack of specialized industry authorities.

Want to solve the above problems, the future home industry there are several breakthroughs:


First, under the impetus of the national housing industrialization policy, overall home ownership is a general trend. Enterprises should extend the industrial chain and as much as possible occupy the high end of the industrial chain, from pure raw material suppliers into a whole, system solutions provider;

Second, with the implementation of the green building action plan by the state, enterprises should seize the opportunity to step up their efforts in developing, manufacturing and marketing green building materials so as to promote the transformation of the home industry into a "green" one.

Third, under the new normal, the role of the service industry will become more prominent, and miniaturization, intelligence, and specialization will become new directions for the development of the industry. Therefore, intelligence, service, and personalization should become key points for the future development of the company.

Fourth, at present, the entire household industry is still in a state of free competition, and the degree of industrial concentration is low. In the future, with the entry of capital, industrial integration will accelerate, and home decoration will realize integrated development.

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