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With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more modern people begin to pay attention to the outdoor life of leisure and entertainment.China International Furniture Fair(Guangzhou),which hot tub factory also call CIFF, was held from March 18th to 21st every year.

CIFF enjoys the reputation of “Brand No. 1 Camp”, “Asian Home Trading Center” and “Barometer of China's Furniture Industry” in the industry. It has unsurpassed industry influence and appeal in the world. We are always committed to building the world's most valuable trade platform for furniture and home furnishing industries, providing the industry with the most extensive cooperation and trade space, and jointly building an "all achievements, everything" integrated trade, exhibition and exchange center , and our company also participate in this exhibition.

Because of the large flow of customers ,our booth are also covered by Guangdong TV stations:

As China's national economic aggregates have gradually increased, especially after becoming the world’s second largest economy, exploring new ways of China’s economic growth requires adding an international platform for commodity trading on the basis of physical transactions. Through this exhibition, we can communication with customers face-to-face, introduce our products in more detail, and also enable customers to better understand our company history and product quality. It is really a good experience.

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