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Macadamia Deluxe

Macadamia Deluxe is one Macadamia hair product designed for your hair texture.


Macadamia Oil contains the highest amount of Omega 7 than any other kinds of nut oil. Omega 7 most closely resembles human hair sebum and thus mimics scalp’s natural oil production to provide nourishment and moisturization with exceptional absorption and penetration from the inside out. Plus, Omega 7 is exceptionally lightweight and non-greasy with no buildup, which makes it ideal for ALL hair textures, from the finest to the coarsest hair. Argan Oil is a oil rich of Omega 9, antioxidants and Vitamin E, which improves hair strength, renews damage and restores shine and softness to dry, brittle hair while reducing frizz and fly-aways. When blended together, hair’s texture is transformed into renewed health, shine, bounce and manageability.